I'm studying in the University of Lapland and I would like to join the cruise. Is it possible?

Yes it is! Unfortunately you don't have the student card of SAMO, VAMOK, COPSA or SAMMAKKO so you have to pay the higher price for the trip which is +20e to the regular prices. WELCOME!

Can I get totally wasted on the bus trip already?

We do no recommend that! If you are too drunk you might not get into the ship. There are no refunds if you are not allowed to enter the ship. SAMO, VAMOK, COPSA or SAMMAKKO cannot help you in getting to the ship either.

Can I leave my stuff to the bus before the cruise?

Yes you can! Bring only that stuff that you need to the ship!

Am I allowed to bring my own drinks to the ship?

No you can't :( In the previous years the checking has been getting tighter and all of the drinks you try to smuggle into the ship will be confiscated. We recommend that you leave your own drinks into the bus.

Can I buy TAX-free booze on our way to Sweden?

Unfortunately no. This is common in all student and youth cruises. You are allowed to buy TAX-free alcohol when we are returning to Finland.

I found a partner of different/same sex. Am I allowed to take him/her to my bus because he/she is in another bus?

Unfortunately you can't. Even though love and passion are wonderful things you cannot change the busses and we cannot take extra passengers. But remember that love conquers all so you are guaranteed to see your love again in the future!

Will SAMO, VAMOK, COPSA or SAMMAKKO reserve the Buffet-dinner when we ordered them in advance?

No they don't. If you have bought supper- or dinnerbuffet, you have to go and reserve the table yourself from the buffet entrance. You can also buy the buffet from the ship if you have not bought it in advance.