The first cruise and so called prelude for Triangeli-cruise sailed with Student Union of Seinäjoki business school as a pre-Christmas party cruise. On the first “Triangeli-cruise” there was 50 participants, just one bus. At that time, Seinäjoki sailed alone but later VAMOK, COPSA and SAMMAKKO jumped in. Everything started when we got 30 cruise gift cards to Viking Line. For a while we wondered what to do with those and then the idea stroke, like a lightning from bright sky, that we would organize a pre-Christmas party cruise for students of the business school. We placed the nicely folded cruise gift cards to the tables of the business school cafeteria. Along with take and enroll -signs, those cards included information about the cruise itself, the price and the address to enroll. The price of the first voyage was 50 marks (about 8,5 euros). Quickly, one busload was full and the story of Triangeli begun. The first voyage got awesome response and the word of the successful trip traveled fast. So fast, that there was no obscurity for reorganizing the trip! The next year we had two busloads, third year three loads and so on. In 2001, Student Union SAMO started to coordinate the cruise and after that VAMOK from Vaasa and COPSA from Central Ostrobothnia jumped in. And now Student Union SAMMAKKO from Pori has joined us. In the becoming autumn almost 2000 people, 40 busloads of students are sailing with us on SiljaLine.





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